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Our Journey

Gabriela's story is rooted in her passion for wellness and fresh juices.

Gabriela's love for delicious and nutritious juices began during her childhood in Brazil. However, during the lockdown of 2020, she started juicing to boost her immunity and promote healing. Determined to share her passion for healthy drinks with everyone, she set out to bring her special recipes to the community.

With grit and determination, Gabriela founded Jus de BIBI in May 2021. From her cozy kitchen, she whipped up a variety of yummy and distinctive juices with her home juicer. As her business flourished, she upgraded to a bigger space, invested in the best commercial hydraulic juicer, became 95% organic, and rebranded as BIBI Jus.cery (Juicery).


Since its launch in 2021, Gabriela has served her delicious juices at various food festivals, corporate events, restaurants, and wellness centers. Her mission of making wholesome products accessible has transformed many lives, helping people prioritize their health and wellness.


For the Community

We use the best cold press technology available
to ensure exceptional juice quality

Goodnature's cold-pressed technology allows us to extract more juice from the ingredients compared to using other types of juicers.

This process separates the pulp from the juice, resulting in a tasty, fresh, and colorful juice that is easily digested by your body. The nutrients are quickly absorbed into your bloodstream, which is beneficial for your health.

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We believe in using premium ingredients

to create products that are not only delicious but also nourishing for your body. We carefully craft each recipe with the highest quality & organic ingredients, and we never add sugars or preservatives.


Healthy and nourishing juices
delivered to your doorstep

At Bibi, we make it easy for you to enjoy our products no matter where you are.

Our juices are available online for delivery or pickup.


As well, You can also find us at farmer's markets during the summer.

We understand that price concerns many people, so we offer a subscription service to save you time and money.

Additionally, we offer Afterpay, a payment service that helps lower the stress of your finances while still allowing you to prioritize your health and wellness.

For the Planet

We're committed to reducing food waste and promoting sustainability.

We work with local distributors to save organic fruits and vegetables that grocery stores reject due to superficial irregularities but are still perfectly good for juicing. 

The pulp that remains after juicing is repurposed for homemade natural dog food.


Additionally, our bottles are made from PET. This material is infinitely recyclable and can be transformed into thousands of useful products, reducing our environmental impact.

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